Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas in Ridgeside

The week before I Christmas I flew to my mom's home in Chattanooga, Tennessee for a visit. I was also a recruit to help with her neighborhood Luminarie and Open House Night. Her neighborhood, Ridgeside, has a 60 year old tradition of placing luminaries in front of each home, lining all of the streets. They light them from 6-9pm on the Monday and Tuesday before Christmas. It is truly beautiful. People come in carloads to tour the neighborhood. Longtime residents told me that many years ago the cars lined up to drive through the neighborhood.
On the first night, a few homes are open to tour and enjoy fellowship and snacks for all of the neighbors. My mom's home was one of them. Everyone enjoyed themselves and I was glad I could help. Click here to see a video of the sights in Ridgeside this Christmas.


Anonymous said...

D's house looks beautiful! It's neat to see the Mt. Nebo furnishings in a different house - what a great front door! Her house showed so much more character than the other houses in the photos - the others didn't have that Guiberson touch...and the carolers!

Victoria Williams said...

Nice video. Looks like a great time!