Thursday, February 28, 2008


The only thing hot in Chesapeake City today was the roof at The Bayard House. Around noon the manager on duty called me and said the restaurant's roof was on FIRE!!! I jumped up and out the door I went. I only live a few streets away. Sure enough I pull up out front and small flames were shooting through the cedar shake shingles. I couldn't believe it.

The oldest building in our town (c. 1780) was on fire!!! On the roof were our "heros" and carpenter, Amos and his worker, Alan. They spotted the shingles on fire and asked for water. Luckily, they had their ladders there. They climbed on the roof as my wonder waiter, Billy handed them the fire extinguishers. They did the best they could with those and then the Chesapeake City Volunteer Fire Department showed up along with two other local fire companies. They had the fire out in a few minutes.

The damage wasn't as bad as it could have been. We will need a new roof, new drywall inside where there was water damage and a few other places. We were so lucky that Amos and his workers spotted it. The wind was blowing hard and it could have spread so fast. We are right next to 3 other homes...which are all wooden homes circa 1790's.

They believe the fire started with a backdraft in the fireplace inside and sent flames onto the roof. Thankfully no one was injured. All guests and employees made it out safely and all fireman were fine.

The cleanup is underway and everything should be ready to open back up by tomorrow night...I hope. Dick Legates a neighbor in town took these photos for me. Once I download mine, I'll post more.
HUGE THANKS go out to the Chesapeake City Fire Department, Hacks Point Fire Department and Singerly Fire Department...YOU WERE GREAT!!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Germs, Germs Go Away!!!!

I am really fed up with being SICK! The germs must be hiding in our home. Jeffrey still has the rash (much better than it was) and I have a sinus infection or something that makes me just feel miserable. I am trying to disinfect as best as possible, but it is really hard to clean and disinfect when you feel like just sitting on the sofa or going to bed. SPRING...where are YOU??????? The crocus' are popping up in our yard and the daffodils and tulips are really showing some height! I just want everyone to be healthy!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Wedding Planning Bliss

My friend, Sierra got engaged to her beau,Tom. The wedding is in September at the restaurant. All of our friends are so happy for them. Sierra truly deserves the best! She decided to start a blog to document their wedding plans. Check it out! She has used a really neat site for her invations and has pretty bridesmaid and flowers dresses.

Friday, February 22, 2008


I am not really sure what to say...except this has been a weird day! It snowed, sleeted, rained today and I decided to close the restaurant due to the weather. All reservations cancelled and I have several ill employees. So....SNOW DAY..kind of. I would rather it be 8 inches of snow and cold. What we have now is just slop.
THEN...I have a patient in the house. Jeffrey has been battling a rash, infection, something!!! He went to the Medical Aid Unit yesterday and put him on antibiotics. He is itchy, puffy, oozy and just uncomfortable....poor guy. Seems to be getting a little bit better. He's hanging low and keeping a compress on his face and trying not to itch! He may look a little funky today...but he is still HOT to me!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Happy Birthday George!

My alma mater, Washington College celebrates George Washington's Birthday every year with a Birthday Ball at the college. It is a dance for all students, alumni, parents, etc. For the alumni that can't make it, they have a "Toast" to George at various spots around the country. Washington College was the only college that George Washington gave his name to use and he served on our Board of Governors. The college is also the 10th oldest college in the US. So we like to celebrate George's Birthday!!!

Check out this fun thing that Paula sent me to celebrate!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

I am really not a big valentine's day girl. It is nice...but I don't get into that much...surprising since I aI send cards and put up some decorations. It is just a nice gesture day in my book. Wear a little red or pink...say happy v-day and that is good enough....a nice day to make everyone feel a little extra special is how I look at it.
However, in the restaurant business I do look forward to it. We will be extra busy and a great night for business. It is a nice bonus this time of year when our business is slow. So I am glad that everyone likes to go out and spend money on good food, wine and roses at the restaurant. It will be busy, but I enjoy the excitement of it all.

To my Valentine: I "heart" you, Jeffrey

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Happy Fat Tuesday

I was reminded this morning by Posie that it is Pancake Day....too bad I don't feel like a pancake today. Maybe I'll make French Toast later.
Since I won't have photos to post of my pancake and I could use a good laugh...Here's Grandma Making Pancakes