Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Popcorn and Soda

I used to be a huge movie junkie. In high school, I would go almost every weekend with my friends, Kathy and Miriam to the movies. We watched all the movies that were out...the day they came out, some over and over and even midnight showings and Rocky Horror. Those were the good old days. My only care was to make sure I had enough money for the $5 ticket and some popcorn...we always split the soda. We would drive all over three states to see the most recent films. One of our favorite things were the drive-ins. They had a VW Cabriolet and we would put the top down and watch the movies on summer nights. The tradition continued in college when we were home on holidays, and then fewer times during their visits from the west coast. Some of my favorite times with Miriam and Kathy (sisters) are when we went to the theatre. Recently, I haven't been going to the movies that often...actually, I can't tell you the last movie I saw in a theatre....I just remember that it was with my friend, Tizzie.
So tonight I broke the streak and headed to the movies to see JUNO. As I drove to the theatre I thought of all of the good times I had at the movies with Kathy and Miriam, my first date with Jeffrey to see The Royal Tenenbaums, and when I took my nephew to see Barnyard.

So....JUNO. It was great. Very cute and believable. Ellen Page is smart and funny...I loved her as Juno. I hope they do well at the Oscars. I haven't seen any of the other films nominated for Best Film or with any Best actors or actresses...except for Juno. I want to see Atonement next....maybe next week.
Here's the trailer from JUNO! Go see it!!! Ohh and the music is quirky and fun!


Oyster Girl said...

If you need a movie buddy you can call me!

I saw Atonement last week with my friend Jeanie and her husband Andrew---it was very good.

Anonymous said...

I'll go see Atonement with you, Bug! I can't recall the last time I went to the movies either! Every time I see a theatre though, I remember the helpful tip you gave me about stoppin in just for the popcorn!

ginger said...

You made me do it...I just bought the Juno soundtrack!

Traci Lyn said...

Now I do believe in all the time that I've known you, that's the first time that you didn't refer to Kathy as "My friend Kathy Farkas." And, I do believe that in all the time that I've known you we have not EVER gone to the the movies... Puerto Rico...Random Road trip to a baseball card show in Maryland...The Bahamas...Random dog in the car...Philly with Annoying Annette (MOM! Why do we have to take her!)...BUDDA....Rehoboth in February...Zeta Blue Punch and powedered doughnuts in the white room...Hospital...Shock trauma...Lots more...but no movie!?!? How'd that happen!?!? We should fix that! And, we need to get together...it's been too long!