Saturday, May 5, 2007

Let the Planting Begin

It's that time of year...when I am hunting for the perfect plants for our yard and the various pots and hanging baskets I make. I started on Monday with this beautiful shell planter. My mom sent it to me for my birthday and I think it is so unusual...just what I like. I wanted to find something that would drape over the sides and something tall for the center. Jeffrey suggested a spike plant and ivy. When I went to Walmart the other day for some potting soil, I found green and burgundy spikes. I got two of each and some green ivy and some Silver Falls. I have never used Silver Falls before, but it has round leaves that will creep down the side of the planter. I used the burgundy spike in the center, which matches the trim on the house. Here is the finished project.

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Elizabeth said...

Aaah, I LOVE that shell planter! Beautiful.