Sunday, April 15, 2007

April Showers Bring May Flowers

I agree that we need rain, especially to help along all of the beautiful tulips, irises and allium that are about to bloom in our garden...but this Nor'easter has brought too much rain to our area. Many roads are flooded and the rain keeps on coming. Hopefully this will give way to some wonderful spring days ahead to enjoy. I am ready for SPRING.

Here are some photos from our gardens today

That's the bed on the side yard against the hedge. You can see the little antique mold of the stone turtle to the right and the hostas that are peeking out to the left.

This is a shot from the front yard by the porch. There are many hyacinths, tulips and daffodils blooming in there now.

I planted these beautiful purple pansies in the antique urn on our front porch. There are also some daffodil bulbs...but they aren't doing too well.

This is the back yard next to the house. Jeffrey and I put in this flower bed two summers ago. It has many tulips in it and in the summer, I plant mostly annuals. Standing proud in the center is a mercury glass caterpillar that Jeffrey gave me as a present. I think he is one of the more unusual pieces we have in our yard.

Some of my favorite spring things are:
* capris
* flip flops (my favorite: Eliza B)
* tulips
* the opening of the local "ice cream" shop, The Dairy Cream
* working in the garden
* riding my bike
* pedicures
* spring colors...especially pink, green, and robin's egg blue

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Anonymous said...

Sorry about the Urn daffodils...I forgot to tell you about my black thumb.