Saturday, April 14, 2007


HI! I guess I need to introduce myself to the BLOG community. I am 35 year old restaurant manager, wife, daughter, sister, friend and all around fun girl. I enjoy gardening, cooking, riding my Schwinn Bike, reading and crafts. I have started this blog for just add little entries when I feel like it...or when something might be of interest to someone out there. I have been inspired by my husband, Jeffrey. He is one of the most creative men I know. Jeffrey is very diligent with his check it out. I hope to post about my family, our pets, our historic home, our garden and all of the characters that are a part of my life. Stay tuned...and check back often.


Anonymous said...

Pretty girl.

Anonymous said...

Good looking couple. Nice blog and I love the pansies.

Kathleen said...

Welcome to blogland Natalie. I look forward to hearing your point of view of life, from Jeffrey's. Have fun with it!!