Thursday, June 14, 2007

In Case I don't Say it Enough this Weekend...THANK YOU

As I am rushing around preparing for the fourth wedding of the summer at the restaurant...I was thinking about the staff and how they work so hard. They really take a beating from me when we have a wedding. Regardless of all the work, they are always professional and do a great job...even if we don't leave the restaurant until 3:30am...and they still come back and talk to me the next day!
Today, as we were weeding through the many boxes that the bride dropped off...they all saw the CANDY for the "Martha Stewart Style" Candy Buffet. The bride and groom are using it as their favor, where guests can go fix bags of different candy to take home. They were eyeing up the big bags of candy. I told them it was for the guests, but they reassured me that their paws would be scooping out some for themselves. So...I decided to use my Martha Stewart Bandanna Treat Bags for treats for my staff this weekend...and maybe a few others. I hope everyone enjoys them. I think they turned out super cute.


Anonymous said...

Oh MARTHA! I can see it now, Bug gleefully skipping down the road on her way to work (more like the Stang' roaring thru town, car packed full, blowing the stop sign, barely missing the little chicken crossing the road...) with her basket tin brimming with treats! Despite crazy schedules, those little Martha projects make everything so much more fun! You look like you surpassed Martha's expectations, as usual.

Oyster Girl said...

M-Stu does it again!

Marty would really appreciate this. I am sure she makes goodie bags for her staff!

ginger said...

What a smart (and thoughtful idea)! I love what you put these in, too!!