Friday, June 22, 2007

Lazy Summer Days

Summer is Finally HERE!
This is what I found yesterday when I was getting ready for work...3 lazy animals. Parker was laying by the toilet in the bathroom..just loving life. Toby was around the corner sleeping peacefully in his chair...until I woke him with the camera
and Maybelline sleeping on the air conditioning box, that has now become her favorite place to rest.
Parker has a box downstairs like that...but this morning Jeffrey found her in the box. She has slept on that box so much and flaps have given and the tape not holding... she fell through into the box and couldn't get out.

Those silly animals...they really made me smile yesterday. Happy Summer!

1 comment:

Oyster Girl said...

Your animals look so peaceful.

Henny Penny stole a mini lamb chop right out of my frying pan the other night...this occurred while I was taking an unplanned nap!

You just can't take the dumpster out of the diva.