Friday, July 27, 2007

Conversation with Jeffrey

Natalie: "I know I'm old when I am washing my bras in the bathroom sink...with Dawn."

Jeffrey: "Hahhahahhahahhaaaa"

In the early Spring, I went to a lingerie store in Wilmington, Del. at the recommendation of a neighbor. She said once you go'll never buy your bras anywhere else...SHE WAS RIGHT! It's called Bare Essentials. What prompted the conversation with the neighbor was the Oprah Show on women wearing the wrong size bra. The ladies in Bare Essentials were so helpful and they made me feel at ease. I tried on several different styles and I purchased two. Le Mystere Tisha Bra, which is Oprah's favorite and the Goddess Bra. Both are well worth the money and fit great. They make your clothes look better and I feel better. The funny thing, they recommend washing them with Dawn Dish takes the oils out..just like the ducks covered in oil from an oil spill. It really works and I remember my grandmom doing the same thing with her delicates.

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