Sunday, July 8, 2007

Queen of Hydrangeas

One of my favorite summer flowers is a Hydrangea. My mom has always had many Hydrangeas at her house and I was lucky enough to transplant some small ones at our house. I couldn't wait for those blue beauties to bloom this they are:

Something in the soil. My mom has a variety of colors, blue, purple, pink and plum. A few months ago while talking to a lady in town...she let me in on something I never knew. She told me that my grandmother was known as the Queen of Hydrangeas. She said her Hydrangeas were always so big, beautiful and healthy and everyone loved them. That really made me smile. She had many at her house and they are still there today. Last week I picked these out of a bush at my mom's house. I remember giving her this bush in a small 5 inch pot for Mother's Day one year. My dad bought her some perfume and this Hydrangea came as a free gift with the purchase. It is the healthiest plant I have seen...really strong and beautiful. Below is a centerpiece I made for last weekend's party and the top photo is a closeup of it's bloom.


Victoria Williams said...

I love Hydrangeas also. I have two plants; both white. Our soil also only produces the pink color, I think it is the acid soil that makes the pink, our soil is alkaline, so no blue. Queen of Hydrangeas, that is so cool!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you have ever noticed my hydrangea outside our back porch. It is one that Stephen and Susan gave me for Mother's day one year. I had no idea that it would live when I put it in the ground but it did and is blooming really nice. But not quite the blooms like yours. One day, maybe.

Anonymous said...

Well, according to Monarchy rules, you're now the Queen of Hydrangeas! Remember when we were at the bridal boutique and we discovered that you're head is shaped perfectly for a tiara?!!