Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

I am really not a big valentine's day girl. It is nice...but I don't get into that much...surprising since I aI send cards and put up some decorations. It is just a nice gesture day in my book. Wear a little red or pink...say happy v-day and that is good enough....a nice day to make everyone feel a little extra special is how I look at it.
However, in the restaurant business I do look forward to it. We will be extra busy and a great night for business. It is a nice bonus this time of year when our business is slow. So I am glad that everyone likes to go out and spend money on good food, wine and roses at the restaurant. It will be busy, but I enjoy the excitement of it all.

To my Valentine: I "heart" you, Jeffrey


Libby said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Natalie. Have a great night at the restaurant. :)

Victoria Williams said...

Sweet pic of the two of you. Hope your VDay was great.