Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Happy Birthday George!

My alma mater, Washington College celebrates George Washington's Birthday every year with a Birthday Ball at the college. It is a dance for all students, alumni, parents, etc. For the alumni that can't make it, they have a "Toast" to George at various spots around the country. Washington College was the only college that George Washington gave his name to use and he served on our Board of Governors. The college is also the 10th oldest college in the US. So we like to celebrate George's Birthday!!!

Check out this fun thing that Paula sent me to celebrate!


ginger said...

That is so interesting! So did you toast George?

You know, Av went to UVa and talks about "Mr. Jefferson". I think TJ is practically their mascot!! :)


Oyster Girl said...


We must go to the Toast!!

I tried to convince Elizabeth but she is anti-Philadelphia. Try to get her to go!

I cannot tell a lie...I love GEORGE WASHINGTON!!!!!!

Victoria Williams said...

You've got to be kidding. A jigsaw puzzle where you can't touch the pieces? Yikes. I couldn't even begin that.
Congrats on GW day!