Friday, March 28, 2008

GH Memories

I just got off the phone with my friend, Miriam. I have known Miriam since the 1st grade at Tome. She lives in San Diego. Since I am a night is great to talk to her when I get home late at night with that East / West coast time difference. We were just catching up and then she said..."You're my General Hospital friend, right?" YES. I am the friend. We watched it when we were in high school and then when we went to Washington College together. I started following GH when I was in 1st or 2nd grade. I rode the bus home and it arrived at my stop in the afternoon between 3:30-3:45. My neighbor would pick me up with her son. We would ride home in her avacado green station wagon listening to GH on the radio because she didn't want to miss how it would end for the day. I knew all about Luke and Laura, the Quartermaine's, Bobbie, Scottie Baldwin and how can I forget heart throb, Dr. Noah Drake, played by Rick Springfield. My mom started watching it when she was in the hospital with her gal bladder, I actually had to catch her up with the story line. Her roommate watched it, so she got hooked around that time too. I rarely got to actually watch it, but I knew all the voices and I understood some of it. I kept watching it and when we finally got a VCR I could tape it. On and off through the years I would watch it. It's one of those can watch one or two episodes and know what is happening.
I actually have two friends, husband and wife. I won't mention their names...but if they read this, they will know who they are. They have been watching GH for years together. They tape it everyday and watch it at night together in bed. Isn't that sweet.

Well...Miriam still watches it. She TiVo's it and watches it with her 3 year old son. He knows the theme music and knows when he sees that ABC logo that it is General Hospital...regardless if it is GH or not. ABC means General Hospital to him.

What fond memories of Port Charles, NY.

How many of you watch or watched GH?


Kathleen said...

i watched it way back then, too! i think i started watching it when i was like, 12...that was almost 30 years ago! yikes!
do you remember demi moore, too? so funny...

i don't really watch it now. every now and then, i will watch and catch up...i'll ask my mom to fill in the blanks since she watches regularly.

recently, i was SHOCKED when i saw jackie zeman(sp?)...her face is i almost didn't recognize her! i thought she was a relative of her...

happy weekend to you!

Oyster Girl said...

I was brought into the GH fold by my aunt; she was a kindergarten teacher. She would race home every day after school to watch it. In the summers we would spend almost every day at her house because she had a pool. We would have to get out of the pool from 3-4 so she could watch GH!!

I can remember sitting watching GH and doing my homework. A good male friend from HS use to watch it too and would miss it during the fall because he played soccer- so I would have to give him updates which I thought was hilarious!

I loved Scorpio and Anna, Blackie, and Frisco Jones!

Victoria Williams said...

I watched GH back in the 70's when I graduated from HS. Funny. Lots of memories involved with that.

Traci Lyn said...

Happy Birthday Bugger!!!!!

Natalie said...

Kathleen - YES Demi Moore! They had soo many people who went onto bigger and better...Blackie, Frisco Jones.....I do feel old!

Paula - Scorpio...I forgot all about him...Thanks for a great day on Friday!!!!

ginger said...

I never watched GH but was hooked on Santa Barbara (NBC) in college. I mean, hooked-hooked. Back then, there were two things I watched on tv: Santa Barbara and the OJ trial!! :)