Saturday, April 12, 2008

Play Ball!!!!

Today is opening day for the Chesapeake City Little League. The restaurant is sponsoring a team...we call them The Bayard House Canal Diggers. My friend, Lisa coaches the team along with her sister, Glenda and cousin, Marlene. They all work or have worked at the restaurant. The players are 8,9, & 10 year olds.
This morning there was a parade to kick off the day's festivities. It was warm and beautiful out.

We paraded out to the ball fields. The girls chanted most of the way "Let's go Bayard House, let's go" *CLAP, CLAP*. It was fun.

They announced the teams on the field, and made a few presentations. All over by 9:45.

The game is at 2pm. The weather I type this.....dark grey clouds. I hope it doesn't rain. The girls are really excited.
Before the game I made cupcakes for the team to eat after the game. Hope it doesn't rain.


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