Monday, April 14, 2008

Soap Opera Star Sighting

On Saturday night, we were fairly busy. The weather was beautiful at night and people were all over our little town. I was chatting with the guests as they were walking inside when one of the servers, Alicia ran up and screamed...GUS was here! I had no idea who Gus was and why she was so excited. Gus Aituro from Guiding Light had dinner at The Bayard House. He didn't sit in her station, but as she was coming down the stairs and he was walking around...she spotted him right away and said..GUS!!! They chatted a few and she got a photo of them. He is Ricky Paull Goldin in "real life" and as of May we can see him on All My Children as Jake Martin. He was very sweet and I spoke to him before he was seated. Seems like he enjoyed Chesapeake City and The Bayard I hope he'll be back.

I don't know how she spotted him like that. Tom Cruise could walk right by me and I don't think I would notice. She also spotted an actress from another soap last year in the restaurant. Occasionally, we will have someone famous dine with us like a sports player or a news person.

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Traci Lyn said...

Funny! Years ago I was at Great Adventure with Chris and Jeff (at least I think it was Jeff) and I spotted someone I thought was from Guiding Light. I don't remember her name...but she was deaf. I stopped and I said to them...I think she's from GL. They looked at me like I was on drugs. And then, she spoke...and you could tell she was deaf...but they still didn't believe me...and then two other people from the cast walked by...Chris and Jeff still didn't believe me...but they followed anyway because one of the girls was smokin hot. They ended up being behind us in line. All were very sweet. SInce at the time I was addicted to the show, it was really exciting!!!