Friday, May 11, 2007

Bug Meets Amphibian

My nickname is Bug. All of my college friends call me Bug. The name came from the movie, Uncle Buck. A sorority sister gave me the name after she watched it one night. It came from the line in the movie where Uncle Buck meets his niece's boyfriend and says, "Nat, like in Nat-Bug?" So today I was looking out the window at Toby in the yard, when I saw this ladybug crawling around the window. Since my name is Bug...all of my friends buy me ladybug themed gifts. So..I like ladybugs too, and they are good luck.

Some of you might remember my post last week about the spotted salamander who crawled between my fingers last week and scared me. Here is some footage Jeffrey shot of it. He doesn't have the best part of it on here...when I jumped up screaming and yelling. This will give you a better idea of what it looked like.

For some ladybug facts and lore check here.

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Anonymous said...

Our beloved BUG! The one and only. I recall the first few times I wandered up to your dorm room and it was like Grande Central Station! I knew I had to get on the VIP list for CLUB BUG!