Monday, May 7, 2007

Witch Ball

I received this Witch Ball as a gift. It is from a shop in our town, Dragonfly Gifts. They have really neat things...a lot of stained glass, nature type items, and even dog collars, and handy items for your pet. If you are in Chesapeake City, check them out! The witch ball has green and purplish shades on it. I hung it at the top of our stairs in the hall window. I think it looks really pretty...and ready to protect us.

In case you don't know what a Witch Ball is, this is the description on the tag:
"Glass witches balls have been used for home protection against spirits and witches spells for centuries. The bad spirits are drawn into the beauty of the glass and snared in the strands inside, protecting the home from harm."


Anonymous said...

Very pretty...I used to have a kitchen witch that a friend in Germany gave me. I'm not sure what it's job was unless it was to protect all that ate in our kitchen. But I like the message that was on yours.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo!