Sunday, May 27, 2007


Today our friend, Mike came over for a few beers and a cook-out. We had a great time, then our friend, Ruth dropped by to add some laughter to the evening. Just as Ruth arrived a storm blew in and stuff went flying. We finished up our delicious hamburgers, hot dogs, pasta salad and lettuce/pea salad. Then...we decided to have dessert. Mike brought a pie. The pie was called Old Fashioned Extreme Wet Bottom Shoofly Pie. None of us had ever had shoofly pie before...nonetheless...WET BOTTOM. We decided to see what this "wet bottom" was. It was a thick, gooey, dark molasses layer at the bottom...hence..WET BOTTOM. Apparently, the Wet Bottom Shoofly pie is the more common version of the pie. We weren't quite sure why it was EXTREME, but it was good...more cake-like, but the "wet" makes it really delicious. Try some next time you see it in the store or visit Lancaster, PA.
Happy Memorial Day...Let the summer begin!

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That looks yummy!